"I wanted to tell you what an outstanding job you and your crew did on the fence. It is a remarkable difference and makes the pool area great. I am astounded that I left and came home to what I saw and it is like you were never there. I have been in the service business for 30 years now, and with few exceptions, I have never come across such an outstanding business and professionalism as you have shown me. There are always issues and problems and “why this” and “why that!!” You should be very proud at how well you handled this entire project!

Again, many thanks for an outstanding project."

-Mark in Hopewell Junction

June 29, 2015



"We are writing on behalf of our condominium owners association to thank you for the excellent service you provided while installing fencing for 10 of our units. Your workers were knowledgable and professional while installing the fencing. They took the upmost care in owner’s possessions on their patios as well as their mulch and flowers in front of the fencing. Workers even went so far as to rake the mulch back into place when finished essentially leaving the area as it was and void of footprints. They showed extreme attention to detail by taking towels and a bucket of water to wash dirt marks and hand prints from the fencing and used a Magic Eraser to get more difficult marks off of the fence.

We are enjoying the new look of the fencing and hope to replace more of the rotting Wooden fencing on our property within the next year. We will not hesitate to call Adams Fencing to return to our complex and install more sections."


Alden Terrace Condominium Board of Director

May 23, 2014